Sunday, January 8, 2012

Telling You About Myself without Telling You About Myself

Maintaining privacy on the internet has been an important consideration for me, for a long time. It was a consideration that I thought about and discussed with others, as early as 1994 when I was working part-time as a Reference Librarian at a public library in northern NJ. It was in a county in NJ that had, via a grant from Bellcore, had gotten access to the nascent internet. That was in the days of Gopher, Lynx, and WAIS.

So, anyway, please be warned that I'm going to be cagey about myself, and btw for the same reasons you will not find me on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Yet- some intro stuff I want you to understand about me: I got my library degree from Simmons College in Boston. I completed my degree in the late 1980s; and actually, a recession started just a couple of years after I graduated.. that's a relevant fact for this blog.

And, my degree.. this has been something significant for me: it's an M. Sci.

Last I knew, Simmons had awarded me an M. Sci. LIS. However, when I filled out my online resume in Spring 2011, in my company's intranet site for "surplussed" employees, LIS did not come up as an option, for a degree awarded by Simmons. Instead, the option given was Information Science. (Interesting, the "L" - for "Library" - dissappeared.)

OK - fine with me. I'll adapt to the times. From then on, I have stated my degree as M. Sci. IS. And, it's a useful conversation starter. The topic is - what is Information Science, anyway? Having enjoyed my heavy-tech LIS curriculum at Simmons, I could go on about that, in great detail. It will be in a different post. This one is an intro about me.

As I mentioned, I was "surplussed."

However, I am now working for the same company.

To improve indexing, I'll tell you about that in a subsequent post.

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