Sunday, January 8, 2012

"Once a Librarian, always a Librarian"

Yesterday, on Weekend Edition Saturday, Scott Simon interviewed Augusta Scattergood, who has just published her first novel, for young adults.

Early in the interview, Scott turned the subject to a little biographical information about the author, including the fact that she was a librarian, previously (a school librarian, to be specific.)

"Once a Librarian, always a Librarian," Ms. Scattergood said, quite emphatically, in reply.

I was thinking, "ah yes, I know that state (of identity), exactly."

And so, I would like to begin this blog, for muses and anecdotes and also job postings, all intended to help librarians looking for non-traditional career opportunities. Given the recession, plus the major changes currently affecting (think: hammering) the information industry, those of us with library-related degrees and/or those who worked in a library for many years, without actually completing an MLS or similar degree, need guidance and suggestions regarding how else they can apply their training and experience.

Once a Librarian - Always a Librarian...

Actually, I'm being *your* reference librarian right now.. I'm anticipating that you have a need for information, and I'm putting together a source (this blog) that will help you get the answer.

The question is: in the current age if the information industry, where else can you devote your unique combination of skills?

This blog is intended to compile a list of examples, of jobs/new careers people have obtained, after having spent some period of their life in library-land (although as you know, one never really leaves library-land.)

So, let's begin.. I'll begin with myself.

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