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Call for potential interviewees: Librarians in Adjacent Careers

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We are starting a series of articles in CapLits in which we will interview librarians who have successfully moved from being a traditional librarian (or in a traditional library / information specialist function) to an adjacent professional function – for example, moving to medical communications, working in sales, working for a vendor, or being a regulatory affairs associate.

In other words, moving into a different role but using the skills of a librarian to succeed in such a role.

As you might have guessed, we’re looking for people who want to tell their story!

The goal here is to tell your story so that others who may be looking at similar positions will be able to take advantage of your experiences – for example, what are the valuable overlapping skills to sell? Where can a librarian provide value above the normal candidate? What does a librarian need to brush up on or be able to address as far as potential deficiencies / preconceived notions? Where can librarians interested in the job go to find out more?

If you’re willing to help in this way (we’ll write the article, all we need is to pick your brain for an hour on the phone), please email me at ahf25 !AT!


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